What is the real wireless charging?

What is the real wireless charging?

A new technology promises to charge your mobile phone without contact with the use of microwaves. You do not have to take off your phone case – θήκες κινητών –, the same as now.

Portable devices are everywhere. You’ve probably noticed that our homes and offices are full of cables and chargers, despite the fact that the devices we use every day are portable. We may have cell phones, laptops, wireless speakers, keyboards and mice, but they all need to be charged, which is equivalent to cables.

Even the existing wireless charging technologies simply shift the problem slightly: instead of a cable connected to the device, you simply have a cable connected to a charging base, on which you should leave your mobile phone with its phone case. Where is the really wireless charging?

The real, 100% wireless charging, so far, hasn’t been there. Caltech engineers at the California Institute of Technology have found a way to do just that. In fact, the device they made is small, it is cheap and it is so efficient that it is worth it!

The company that was created for the exploitation of technology is called Guru and aspires to change… all over the world! The company’s engineers have ready the wireless charging system, which is completely wireless and uses high-frequency radio waves to transmit energy; in particular, the radiation is in the millimetre – wavelength range (mmWave), close to the frequencies at which 5G networks operate. USA.

Guru’s co-founder and CEO, Florian Bohn, says: “The idea of ​​wireless power transmission is not new. Nikola Tesla himself had the same idea and believed that energy should be transmitted wirelessly. The difference is that we use very advanced technology to send energy in a controlled, safe and efficient way. ”

The latter is also the most important. Many have tried in the past to do so, and many have failed. Why would Guru’s fate be different? The difference lies, according to Bohn, in mmWave technology. This allows the system to identify the device that needs charging and send a very localized beam of electromagnetic waves, with very high accuracy, in a way that is much more efficient than other lower frequency technologies.

Behind this feature is the company’s… super-ship: the Smart RF Lensing. It is a patented method of controlling the direction and number of rays sent to a target. So, Guru’s system can charge very small devices, such as smartphones or even small IoT or smart home devices!

Guru’s ultimate goal, of course, is far greater than keeping your cell phone charged. They imagine a world where there will be a general power transmission system everywhere, which will take care of charging and operating all the devices, whether you are at home, in the office or even on the street! They want energy to flow and be available everywhere, just as Tesla imagined it 120 years ago. And this is a vision that could change the whole world around us!

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