10 Travel Destinations Trending On TikTok

10 Travel Destinations Trending On TikTok

The luggage storage community Bounce analyzed the check out counts for vacation destination hashtags on TikTok to identify the most preferred ones. Potentially unsurprisingly, the best place was none other than the metropolis that under no circumstances sleeps, New York City.

Other trending places integrated intercontinental faves like London and Paris, as perfectly as a pair far more domestic options. Of program, not all of these locations are open for journey and may perhaps be dealing with worries amid the pandemic. But if you’re dreaming about a long term trip or in search of a minimal escapism ideal now, the app’s got you coated.

Without the need of further ado, right here are the top 10 journey destinations on TikTok, as nicely as some sample videos to encourage future visits. Stop by Bounce’s web-site for additional data about methodology and the list of places beyond the major 10.

1. New York Metropolis

2. Dubai

3. Istanbul

4. London

5. Barcelona

6. Paris

7. Mumbai

8. Hawaii

9. Miami

10. Toronto

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